A Look at Toshiba’s Line of SED HDDs


Toshiba was on the cutting-edge of self-encrypting hard drive technology with the release of the company’s first SED HDD in July 2010.

Let’s take a look at the company’s Self-Encrypting Drive Offerings, which include a new Advanced Format Hard Drive available in a number of configurations. Toshiba SED hard drives follow Opal specifications established by Trusted Computing Group.

 Toshiba Hard Drive: MJA2xxxCH Series Hard Drive – This internal hard drive features up to 250 GB of storage and AES-256 encryption. It has a best-in-class power consumption of just 1.4W and operates at 5,200 RPM.

 Toshiba Hard Drive: MHZ2xxxCJ Series Hard Drive – This series of Toshiba Hard Drives supports the legacy ATA Security Mode Feature Set and allows the users to set a password. The drive generates a 256-bit encryption key right inside the drive, for enhanced security over software-based encryption. The drives are available with 80 to 320 GB of storage.

 Toshiba Hard Drive: MKxx61GSYD Series Hard Drive – The largest in Toshiba’s line of SED HDDs, the Advanced Format MKxx61GSYD Series Hard Drive boasts up to 640 GB of storage capacity and operates at 7,200 RPM. Enjoy all the benefits of an AF hard drive with secure self-encrypting technology from a name you can trust.

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