Protect Your USB Drive from Data Loss


With storage media giant Samsung’s introduction of their 1 TB flash drive this month at CES, it’s important to take a look at how to protect these tiny (and getting tinier) portable USB drives from mishaps that can cause data loss. From the obvious to – well, actually, most of it is pretty obvious… here…

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Three Reasons to Choose 24 Hour Data


We typically reserve our blog to share with you news on the latest data storage technology, data backup techniques, and other information of interest to computer users, IT professionals and business owners. But we’d like to take a short break to remind you why 24 Hour Data should be your go-to choice in a data…

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3 Questions to Ask Yourself About Your SQL Server Backups


Many businesses today use SQL servers to store mission critical files. It’s important to have data back-up and emergency data restore processes in place if your server crashes. Even more importantly, it’s important to have the right data back-up processes in place, which will minimize your data loss risk in the event of an emergency. If you’re…

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Will Your Uninterruptible Power Supply Work During An Outage?


In a recent blog post we discussed the importance of testing your data back-ups and restore methods to ensure you can access your data in an emergency. It’s equally important to test the other protections you have in place that can help prevent a data recovery emergency, including your uninterruptible power supply. What Is an…

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Get The Most Out Of Your Business Data Backup


Data loss is devastating to a business. No matter who you are or what type of business you have, if you lose data, you’re well on the way to losing clients. Data loss can be devastating to a company. If your CRM software fails and you lose your sales leads, you’ll lose potential revenue. If…

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Benefits of Network Attached Storage for Your Home


How many devices do you use to listen to your favorite music? Your laptop? Your iPhone or Android smartphone? Your iPad or tablet? We take for granted the “old days” when we’d have to carry our music sources with us in the form of CDs, cassette tapes, or even 8-tracks and vinyl. (Are we showing…

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Three Reasons a Hard Disk Drive May Click


There are a number of reasons that a hard drive may start clicking – none of them are good signs. However, some clicking hard drives are worse than others.  Service Area CorruptionThe Service Area of a hard drive is much like an OS for a computer. If there is damage in the Service Area your…

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