Avoid a Data Recovery Emergency: Disconnect Your USB Flash Drive Properly


Do you often store documents to transfer from work to home or share with other people on a USB flash drive? What about those photos you’re bringing to your local drug store chain for printing? Many people also use USB flash drives for back-up storage. Often, the data we keep on USB drives is also stored on laptop or desktop PCs — but not always.

 For whatever reason, you may  be storing one of a kind data on your USB flash drive, and its often important documents and photos. Otherwise, you wouldn’t be carrying it around on such a convenient, portable, easy-to-access data solution.

 But those very features that make flash drives so convenient are also their downfall.

 USB flash drives use solid state storage memory for storage. SSD storage is more reliable than hard drives and not as prone to physical hard drive failure after so many read/write cycles. But USB drives can still be damaged by:

– getting crushed

– getting washed

– being pulled out of a USB port during a write cycle

 Caring for your USB Hard Drive

The first two are self-explanatory and easy to avoid. But the number one cause of USB drive failure and catastrophic data loss is when a USB drive is pulled out of a computer improperly.

 To properly remove your USB drive, first click the “safely remove hardware” icon from the bottom toolbar of your PC. This stop power to the USB port. Most times it’s safe to remove the USB drive without taking  this action, but if a write cycle is taking place when you remove the USB drive, you could fry the delicate electronics inside, rendering your data unreadable. 

Need USB Flash Drive Recovery? 

That’s when you need 24 Hour Data’s expert flash drive recovery services. We expertly recover data from all brands of USB drives, including:

– SanDisk

– Lexar


– Kingston

– All other major brands of USB thumb drives

 Learn more about our USB flash drive data recovery and then call us to start the data recovery process immediately. 

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