Can Thin Provisioning Solve Data Storage Challenges in Virtualized Environments?


Are you an IT director considering introducing thin provising to increase data storage space on your virtual machines? Whether you’re using VMWare, Citrix, Microsoft Hyper-V or another virtual server solution, thin provisioning in virtualized environments has several advantages when it comes to increasing data storage availability. 

Here are just a few of the advantages of thin provisioning in a virtual environment: 

– Thin provisioned VMDKs (Virtual Machine Disks) can be created more quickly, saving IT staff time

– Permits users to dedicate more storage capacity than what is actually available

– Unused space is not allocated; space is only allocated as needed, providing more intelligent provisioning of storage capacity

One danger of thin provisioning is that storage space may not be available when a mission critical application needs it to run. But alerts can be set up to let administrators know there is a danger of running out of space or percentages of space have been over-committed, increasing the likelihood of running out of space. 

Future developments may lead to thin provisioned disks that allocate space based not on frequency of an application’s use, but on the importance of that application. 

Thin provisioning adds yet another layer of complexity to virtual servers. If something goes wrong in your virtual environment with thin provisioned VMDKs, you’ll want to turn to data recovery experts specializing in VMWare and virtual servers. 

For years, 24 Hour Data has been perfecting our VMWare data recovery techniques to stay on the cutting edge of the field. Our virtualization expert will recover lost data from your virtual machines and get your virtual servers back up and running, so you can get back to business faster, with less downtime and less stress. 

Regardless of how you configure your VMDKs, with thin provisioning, thick provisioning, or a combination based on the applications, 24 Hour Data is here to help you with any VM data recovery emergency, with industry high data recovery success rates and a professional staff of data recovery specialists always available to answer your call. 

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