Data Recovery: Turn to the Experts


In our digital world, data loss can happen to anyone. When it does, resist the urge to attempt recovery yourself and turn to the professionals instead. In this guide, we’ll explain why it pays to rely on expert data recovery services. The Risks of DIY Data RecoveryIt’s natural to want to try recovering data on…

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The History of Hard Disk Drives


Hard disk drives (HDDs) have come a long way since their invention over 60 years ago. This blog post will explore some of the key milestones in the evolution of HDD technology. The First Hard Drives (1956-1970s) IBM invented the first hard drive in 1956. It was called the IBM 350 and was part of…

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Don’t Panic: What To Do When Your Hard Drive Starts Clicking


That ominous clicking sound coming from your hard drive likely sent a chill down your spine. Hard drive clicks often signal serious problems that could result in permanent data loss if not handled properly. But take a deep breath – with the right approach, you can likely recover your precious files and photos. This article…

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Uh oh, you’ve dropped your external hard drive!

Don’t panic, but do power it down immediately. Physical shock can throw the internal components out of alignment and cause serious damage. The last thing you want to do is power up a damaged drive. Gently set the drive in a safe place and inspect the exterior. Are there any visible cracks, dents or broken…

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RAID Arrays: Understanding the First Five Levels


When RAID arrays were first proposed by the minds at Berkeley in the 1980s, there were five levels of RAID array. Today, researchers and manufacturers have devised other variations of RAID levels, but the original five are considered, by purists, “true” levels of RAID. Of course, there’s also RAID “0,” which many experts don’t consider…

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The Problem with Free Data Recovery Tools


If you’ve lost data on your hard drive, have accidentally deleted files, experienced corrupt data or even a damaged sector, it may be tempting to use free data recovery tools. After all, it’s free – what have you got to lose? When you choose free recovery tools rather than calling a data recovery service provider you…

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Using DIY Data Recovery Options v. a Service Provider


If you’re faced with a data loss emergency, you might be considering DIY recovery software v. a data recovery service provider. Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of this important choice. Note: If your hard drive is making clicking, whirring, or grinding sounds, or refuses to boot up, power down your computer immediately.…

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The Most Critical Element in a Company’s Incident Response Plan


By: John G. Laskey, Security Researcher for the InfoSec Institute. About an Incident Response Plan An incident response plan is a company’s critical resource during a cyber attack or other computer disaster. These plans are usually created only after an attack occurs, but they’re needed to help prevent and mitigate cyber threats. They identify current risks,…

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