Choosing Surge Suppressors to Avoid a Data Recovery Emergency


Storms can wreak havoc on electronic equipment, leading to data recovery emergencies for Dallas and New York business owners,families and individuals. Did you know there’s an inexpensive, easy way that you can help protect your hard disk data from corruption during a storm or power outage? 

A surge suppressor will divert any extra electricity transferred during a power surge to the ground through the electrical outlets ground wire. This keeps the electricity from damaging your sensitive electronic equipment. But what should you look for in a surge protector to help protect your electronics from power surges and avoid a data recovery emergency? 

Your surge suppression needs will vary depending on whether you use your computer or other electronic device for home, a small office or a server farm. Here are some of the basics of choosing a surge suppressor. 

1 – Level of protection – The greater protection offered, the safer your equipment will be plugged in to that surge suppressor. Some household surge suppressors will protect against small power surges, but not massive amounts of energy going through the lines. Look at the “surge current capacity” as a measurement of how much surge current your surge protector can pass through in a single incident. This is commonly measured in kiloamperage. Look for a surge protector with a kA rating at or above 10kA. 

2. Number of outlets – Make sure your surge suppressor can accommodate all your devices, including computer, peripherals such as a printer, or smartphones and tablets you may wish to charge through an AC outlet. 

3. Warranty – Many quality surge suppressors offer a warranty that covers the value of your sensitive electronics equipment, if it should be damaged by a power surge while connected to the surge suppressor. Make sure the warranty covers the replacement value of the equipment you plan to protect. Typically, the higher the warranty cover, the more the surge suppressor would cost. 

Keep in mind, a surge protector’s warranty does not cover the value of the data lost, only the equipment. It also does not cover data recovery costs, the cost of lost productivity, lost customers, or other costs that may be associated with failure of your computer systems and the loss of mission critical data. 

Surge protection is one way to protect against a data recovery emergency, but 24 Hour Data is always standing by to save the day with hard drive data recovery if you should lose data following a power surge. 

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