A Letter from Our Founder and President

When I entered the data recovery business more than 15 years ago, I noticed something about the industry. Many high-end firms were overpriced, slow and just didn't care about their customers. Most catered to government agencies and large corporations. There weren't many affordable data recovery options for college students who lost important papers, small business owners with all their files on a single PC, or families who lost their vacation photos when their home computer crashed.

We've seen all sorts of emergencies here at our secure facility in Plano, Texas. Each case is different, but they all share an important common factor: when disaster strikes, you need your data back fast!

I'm proud to say that here at 24 Hour Data, our specialists stay on top of the latest technology with ongoing training. We're always busy developing proprietary methods to stay on the leading edge. We can recover data from a wide range of media storage devices -- but that's just part of the benefits you'll receive when you call on 24 Hour Data.

Fast, Friendly, Efficient Service

The 24-Hour Data Difference means we promise to:

  • Provide a free diagnosis within 24 hours of receiving your data drive
  • Offer a 24-to-48 hour turnaround in most cases, at our standard hourly rate
  • Take the time to listen to your problem, provide a free and honest diagnosis, and speak in language you'll understand -- not technical jargon
  • Have skilled customer service representatives available round-the-clock to give you status updates or answer any questions you may have
  • Hold your data recovery case in the strictest confidence
  • Keep your recovered data safe and 100% secure through state-of-the-art security protocols
  • Make sure you are 100% satisfied. “No data, no charge” has always been our guarantee -- and always will be!

We're in the Business of Saving the Day

When you work in the technical industry as I do, you often get wrapped up in machines. Hard drives. Solid State Drives. RAID servers. Recovering data from a wide variety of storage media devices is our job here at 24 Hour Data, but it's more than that. Data recovery is our passion.

 That's why we take time to listen to our customers. We understand that lost data is an emergency, and, in most cases, we can recover your data within 24-to-48 hours. But if it takes longer, we don't give up. We do the job right and get your data back -- whether it's photos of the grandkids or P&L sheets from a Fortune 500 corporation.*

 It makes us feel good to see the smile on a customer's face when we recover their wedding pictures or their baby's first birthday photos. We have to admit, it makes us feel a little bit like superheroes -- and who wouldn't like that feeling? Every time we successfully recover lost data, when know we've made a difference in someone's life. That's why we're in this business: to save the day.

Sean Wade

*In some rare circumstances, our data recovery specialists may not be able to successfully recover your data. That's when you're protected by our “No Data, No Charge” guarantee.

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