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Data Recovery for Desktops and All-in-Ones

Desktop hard drives have increased in capacity while shrinking in size. Today’s desktop computers, including popular all-in-one models with a CPU hidden behind a thin screen, store massive amounts of data in a small package, which can be more difficult to work on if data recovery is needed.

They also boast very compact hard drives with 8TB, 16TB or more of storage capacity. Families store entire music and movie collections on their desktop computers, along with school papers, important family documents, photo collections, and home videos.

Small business owners often rely on desktop computers – rather than centralized RAID server storage – for their employees. This means a hard drive crash can cost a small business thousands of dollars or more in lost data, lost productivity, and missed sales opportunities.


While many desktop computers still use traditional hard disk drives, a growing number use energy efficient solid state drives for a variety of reasons: better performance, non-mechanical parts, faster read/write times and less chance of shock damage.

Because of the size and complexity of these drives, SSD recovery requires a certified clean room environment, and experienced engineers to recover lost data. Read more about how SSDs work and our process for data recovery in this blog post.

However, despite SSD prices dropping, the HDD is much cheaper and likely to remain a fixure in our desktop computers.

How Long Will Your Hard Drive Last?

It’s important to note that hard drives from different manufacturers vary widely in their reliability. Online backup company Backblaze completed a comprehensive study in 2015:

- 5.1% of hard drives fail within the first year and a half (typically due to manufacturer defects)
- The failure rates drops to 1.4% between 18 and 36 months
- After three years, the failure rate rises to 11.8% per year

After that, the failure rate continues to rise and hard drives wear out due to many moving parts. There is a good chance you will need data recovery on a hard disk drive that is more than five years old, especially if you don’t maintain regular back-ups.

All of this research doesn't take into account user behavior. The drives in this study weren't shocked by lightning, exposed to water or an internet virus - all common scenarios that can happen to a desktop.

Data Recovery for Mac and Windows Desktop Computers

With the inevitably of hard drive failure somewhere in your future, it’s important to get data recovery from a qualified provider. For more than 15 years, 24 Hour Data has successfully extracted lost data from popular Windows-based computers made by Dell, Gateway, Asus, Acer, Lenovo and others. We can also recover data from computers running Linux and other operating systems.

Our team is also authorized as Apple Certified Technicians, and can work on your iMac, Mac Mini, Mac Pro Xeon and older models. Our team won't void the warranty and can order parts at discount needed for repair.

All-in-One Desktop RecoveryAll in One Mac

All-in-One desktop computers have increased in popularity over the last few years. They have helped capture some of the market that desktop computers lost to laptops, notebooks, and 2-in-1 hybrid tablet/laptops.

But experts recommend against these units for a number of reasons, including limited upgradeability and a more expensive price over a comparable desktop unit.

These units were designed to pack ordinary desktop features into an ultra-slim package. They often use solid state drives, which lose some of their speed and reliability faster than conventional hard disk drives over time, and are more difficult to repair and restore data in the event of a crash.

It is possible to remove the hard drive yourself from some all-in-one units, but for most models, you risk damaging the drive and rest of the computer.

Additionally, manufacturer’s warranties vary. In some cases, you could void the warranty simply by opening the machine. In other cases, the warranty is only void if you break something when you open the computer. Check with your manufacturer if you are unsure.

Due to the cost of shipping an all-in-one and the danger of opening the machine to remove the drive yourself, 24 Hour Data recommends a drop-off at one of our many locations nationwide. Our trained technicians will carefully remove your drive and begin repair in a clean room facility. Please note: You should not drop off the keyboard, monitor, mouse or other peripherals, only the system unit that houses the hard drive.

Fortunately, 24 Hour Data has invested in our team with each senior engineer possessing a minimum of 10 years of experience. We are one of the few recovery firms that can successfully restore lost data from SSD’s, desktop computers and all-in-ones. Contact a 24 Hour Data recovery specialist today.

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