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Individuals and businesses in the U.S. experienced 1,579,000,000 (that’s 1,579 million!) data breaches in 2017, with 179 million records exposed. Cybercrime cost more than $1.5 trillion dollars in the U.S. alone, last year.

Fortunately, encrypted drives can help stop cyberthieves from getting the information they want. All things being equal, a cybercriminal will target an unprotected hard drive on an unsecured network first.

The Risks of Unencrypted Data

For businesses, encrypted hard drives, SSDs, RAID arrays and servers are a necessity. Not only do HDDs, SSDs and RAIDs store mission critical company information, financial data, and trade secrets, but businesses are also entrusted with keeping their customers’ data safe. Encrypted drives that can be unlocked via password, passcode, or even thumbprints are common today to keep business information secure.

Individuals are also at risk of cybercrimes. An unencrypted laptop, portable external drive, smartphone or USB flash drive can be lost or stolen, subjecting you to risks like identity theft or the loss of your personal creative, private intellectual property.

An encrypted drive can easily and affordably protect your data as the first line of defense against a cyberattack.

How Do Encrypted Drives Work?

Encrypted drives convert data into unreadable code via hardware or software, depending on the drive. Even if someone accesses your encrypted drive, they will not be able to read the information without the right password.

Some hardware-based Full Disk Encryption systems encrypt every bit of data on the disk, including the boot record. Even if someone steals the drive, they will not be able to use it.

Other disks only encrypt specific files. A Self-Encrypting Drive (SED) like the Seagate DriveTrust uses hardware to encrypt data independent of the operating system.

Recovering Encrypted Drives Requires Higher Levels of Expertise

Recovering data from a failed encrypted HDD or an enterprise-level SED requires another level of data recovery knowledge and expertise. It is not easy to connect an encrypted drive to another computer as a slave drive to try to access the data. Normal do-it-yourself data recovery tools typically will not work on encrypted files.

Typical logical recovery methods, such as rebuilding boot tracks and repairing bad sectors do not always work on an encrypted drive. Engineers must not only recover the lost data, they must decrypt it at the same time. This adds time (and cost) to the recovery process and reduces the odds of a successful data recovery.

The recovery engineers at 24 Hour Data use proprietary techniques to recover and decrypt data from encrypted hard drives, resulting in industry-high success rates for all HDD recovery, including recovery of encrypted drives.

Since the first encrypted hard drives and flash drives began showing up in our labs, we knew this was a service the industry needs. We invested the time and money to put our top recovery engineers on the case to become the leading recovery service for encrypted hard disk drives.

We Store Your Encrypted Data Securely Until It’s Safe In Your Hands

You went through the trouble of encrypting your data. You lost that data in an emergency situation. Now that you’ve got it back, you don’t want it to fall into the wrong hands.

Our recovery lab is situated in a SSAE-certified data center, which represents the highest level of security for a data center. You can trust that your data is safe and secure with us.

Our security protocols include biometric entry and video surveillance, in addition to our iron-clad promise to maintain client confidentiality through every phase of the recovery process and even after your data is safely back to you.

Make 24 Hour Data Part Of Your Business Continuity Plan

Our data recovery specialists understand how important your encrypted data is to your business. It may include your company’s financials, your client’s payment information, trade secrets, R&D data and more.

When an encrypted drive fails, you can’t afford to lose that data. We will get it back fast and keep it secure and protected until it is back in your hands.

Regular, encrypted back-ups should be part of every business or organization. But sometimes, backups aren’t enough, when every second of new data is crucial to business operations.

Make 24 Hour Data your business continuity partner and you will never have to worry in a data recovery emergency.

We Support All Encrypted Devices

24 Hour Data specializes in data recovery for encrypted drives, including hard disk drives (HDDs), solid state drives (SSDs), and flash drives. We specialize in data recovery for Western Digital™, Seagate™, Toshiba™, Imation™, and other popular brands of self-encrypting HDD and flash drives.

24 Hour Data prides itself on fast, affordable recovery of encrypted drives, with our 100% satisfaction guarantee and our “no data, no charge” promise to every client.

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