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Do you need data recovery for your laptop, notebook, or hybrid laptop/tablet computer? 24 Hour Data has extensive experience working with these ultra-portable, delicate and hard-to-recover devices.

From hybrid (2-in-1) tablet models created for portability and convenience, to larger laptops with HD screens designed for video editing, today’s laptop computers boast complex systems with expanding storage capacity.

Laptops have long been popular with consumers. But, with the rise of bring your own device (BYOD) and a shift to collaborative office enviornments, businesses have shifted to laptops. As a result, mission critical files, from CRM reports and accounting files to family photos and school essays, are often on a laptop computer. As laptop hard drives have gotten larger, some boast up to 3 TB of data, the risk and stakes of a loss have gotten higher.

Not only are laptops improving in memory and RAM, but physically, drives are much smaller and more difficult to replace. Just watch the latest Apple keynote and you’ll realize the trend is towards smaller & slimmer devices with increased performance.

Laptops today, are moving towards state-of-the-art solid state drives (SSD). Although hard disk drives are still used in laptops, it's expected by 2018, all new laptops will ship with an SSD inside.

Data Loss RisksChromebook

A notebook computer describes an ulta-lightweight laptop with a smaller screen and cloud based memory. Five years ago, we didn't even have this category of devices which includes popular models such as Google Chromebooks and Apple MacBook Air. Today, notebooks and laptops are becoming smaller, lighter, and more streamlined.

We take laptops with us everywhere and for some of us, coffee shops have become the office. But this increases the chance for shock damage from being dropped, failure caused by exposure to extreme temperatures, water damage, and other physical damage.

This portability has also led us to connect our laptops to unsecure wireless networks in public places like coffee shops. Our data is increasingly at risk of cyber security vulnerabilities like malware, ransomware and other viruses.

Get Your Data Back after a Software or Hardware Failure

Your path to data recovery for a laptop begins with a free diagnostic quote. 24 Hour Data will pay for shipping to our secure clean room laboratory in Dallas, TX. Or you can drop off at any one of our locations nationwide.

Whether you choose to ship your laptop or drop it off, send us the entire machine. Opening your laptop or notebook computer to access the hard drive could void your manufacturer’s warranty. If your drive needs physical recovery – because the drive has been crushed or damaged – you could damage it further by trying to remove it, making data recovery even more challenging.

Data Recovery Services for Macs and PCs

24 Hour Data has the experience, secure facility and certified technicians to recover lost data from any laptop or notebook PC, including popular models of Dell, Toshiba, HP, Gateway, Asus, Samsung, Sony laptops and more.

We also recover data from popular Mac notebook computers, including: MacBook, MacBook Air and MacBook Pro.

Intel Technology Provider

24 Hour Data is a Intel Gold Technology Provider and Dell Registed Partner. We have experience with all laptop brands, operating systems and hard drive manufacturers. Our team won’t void the warranty, and can get you back to work quickly.

2-in-1 Laptop/Tablet Data Recovery

Some experts predict a future where laptop and notebook computers become obsolete, replaced by smartphones that do it all.

Until that day, 2-in-1 tablet/laptop hybrids like the Microsoft Surface Pro provide the portability, convenience, and cloud-based storage of a tablet with a full-size keyboard and the ability to work and store files off-line.

With only 64GB of storage in the latest Microsoft Surface Pro 3, there isn’t a lot of room for excess data. But what exists on the flash drive are critical system files and likely, your most important frequently accessed files and works-in-progress.

While some of these drives can be replaced by the user, you risk damaging your tablet beyond repair. And do-it-yourself data recovery software risks damaging the flash drive and rendering the data unrecoverable.

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