Handle with Care: Need Data Recovery After Airline Travel?


It was a great meeting. You landed three big deals, had a great time at an industry party with some long-term clients, and can’t wait to type up your meeting reports and follow up emails on the flight home.

 It’s a bumpy trip, but you’re so engrossed in your reports you don’t notice. And then it happens. You return home that night and turn on your laptop to check your email one last time before sinking into bed after the best business trip of your career. But a grinding sound and error message bring you back to earth in a very unpleasant way. Your hard drive is failing.

Airline Flights Are Hard on Laptops
Do you travel frequently with your laptop? If you think turbulence bounces around airline passengers, just think about what it’s doing to laptop computers, external hard drives, netbooks and Macbooks in the overhead bins of airplanes.

If you’ve been on a bumpy flight — or any flight, for that matter — and your laptop refuses to boot properly after your trip, your hard drive may have suffered irreparable shock damage. If your well-traveled hard drive or external drive is making grinding, clicking or whirring noises, turn it off immediately. This could be a sign of shock damage, where the platters won’t spin or the actuator arm isn’t resting properly, or the read heads have damaged the platters.

If you are using your laptop and experience turbulence on a flight, the read-heads may have become damaged if they were reading data at the time they were knocked around. While today’s computers are designed to protect from this type of damage by parking the heads during movement, sudden jostling received on an airplane may cause malfunctions. You’re dealing with very delicate equipment.

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Physical hard drive recovery is a complex process requiring a clean room environment to open the drive and retrieve data. 24 Hour Data specializes in both logical and physical recovery. Don’t let the best business trip of your life turn sour. Call us to let our data recovery experts retrieve your mission critical business data from your laptop, MacBook or external hard drive. 

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