Hard Drive Back Up Confessions from a Real Business Owner


Here at 24 Hour Data, we were struck by the honesty and humor of this blog post about data back up for business owners,… at the Forbes Magazine website.

To summarize, a business owner named Gene Marks sat down on a Sunday afternoon to launch his company’s accounting application… to discover his Dell server had failed. He had daily back-ups available but, with only one server in the small business, he had no place to restore the files. He states succinctly: “Having a backup is fine. But not having a backup environment is a problem.”

Long story short, four business days (remember, this was a Sunday night) and $500 later, he was able to get his server repaired and get his small business back up and running.

A Data Recovery Emergency Can Happen to Anyone

Whether you are an individual, small business owner, or head of IT in a multimillion dollar company, server failures happen. Backups are important. So are recovery protocols and best practices and, for that matter, redundant, remotely stored backups.

But often, we don’t put those measures into place (or even think about them) until it’s too late. It’s called being human, and being a business owner more concerned about running your business on a day-to-day basis.

That’s why 24 Hour Data is here. Our data recovery experts have combined decades of experience recovering lost data from hard drives, servers, VMWare data recovery, RAID servers and more. From individuals to small businesses to large corporations, we will recover your data fast — in many cases, within 24 hours — and we charge less than you might think.

 If you need emergency data recovery services, take a deep breath, gather the information about your hard drive or server (including the make and model) and call us fast!

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