Hard Drive Capacity Growing Even Faster Than IDC Predicted


It was interesting to run across this article,5527.html from a technology blogger back in 2008. The IDC predicted that 3 TB hard disk drives (HDDs) will be available by 2012.

::checks desktop calendar::

Technology, at least as far as hard drive storage capacity is concerned, is advancing faster than most people dreamed. When you consider that it was just 4 short decades ago that computers took up an entire room, it’s practically mind-boggling that you can now carry hundreds — or even thousands — of photos on a flash drive no larger than your thumb. (Hence, the term thumb drive).

But back to hard drives. In early 2011, 3 TB hard drives had already come to market, although they were pricey. And now, of course, as technology advances, the price is starting to drop. A 3 TB hard disk drive or Solid State Drive (SSD) could be the perfect Christmas gift for the techie on your list.

And now Seagate and Hitachi have released 4 TB capacity HDDs. The good news is that people can store more and more data on single hard drives. But it also means that data is in danger of corruption, accidental deletion, or data loss due to a failed hard drive.

The larger your drive, the more you can store on it… and the more important regular back-ups become.

We hope every individual and business owner reading this already performs regular backups of their data. But we know that’s not always the case. And the more you’re storing on a hard drive, the more you have to lose if that hard drive fails. Even if you have back-ups, you may lose data in between the time your drive failed and the time of your last back-up. (This is what happens to the majority of our business customers, where every second of data counts!)

No matter how large your hard drive, have confidence that 24 Hour Data can recover the data quickly, securely, and with the utmost professionalism. Our data recovery specialists stay on the cutting edge of hard drive technology so that we can always help you, whatever your data recover emergency might be. 

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