Is a RAID Server the Right Choice for Your Home?


If you’ve heard of a RAID array, you may presume it’s designed exclusively for businesses with massive amounts of data to store, who want a reliable storage method and faster data access speeds, too.

But with the multimedia stored on the computers of many homes today, and the growing number of people who use their hard drive as a media center attached to their HDTV to watch movies, stream TV shows, and listen to music, RAID drives are no longer just for businesses or home computer enthusiasts.

 Some of the benefits of certain type of RAID servers are:

 – Faster data access speeds; no buffering when you stream video content to your flat screen

– Data back-up is organic in RAID 1 arrays; files are duplicated on a second drive for better reliability
– Greater storage capacity in some RAID arrays

So which RAID array format is best for your home? A RAID 0 array, where data is striped across two drives, provides greater storage capacity for your large multimedia files, games and more. But for better security in case a drive fails, a RAID 1 array offers the most protection since data is duplicated on both drives.

A RAID 5 array, the most common configuration, increases operating speeds and storage capacity while providing protection against drive failure. You can lose one drive in a RAID 5 array and replace it easily without data loss. Because it uses at least three drives, a RAID 5 array is the most expensive to implement.

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Need RAID Data Recovery?

It’s very difficult to perform data recovery on a failed RAID array, or to complete a hard disk “hot swap” in a RAID array. If something goes wrong during a hot swap, you could experience complete system failure. Likewise, if your RAID array suffers cascading failure, you’ll need data recovery experts.

How Much Is Your Media Worth?
You may not be running a Fortune 500 company in your home’s media center, but you don’t want to lose all your files, either. Your home RAID server may store family vacation photos, wedding pictures, favorite videos, and a large collection of music that could take thousands of hours (and dollars) to re-build.

A RAID array is a popular and effective way to store your family’s media, but remember, if your RAID array fails, 24 Hour Data is here to help. 

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