Is Centralized Storage the Smart Choice for Your Home?


Seagate, manufacturers of hard drives and other storage solutions,…

continues to remain on the cutting edge of data storage technology with the GoFlex Home network storage system. This centralized storage solution connects to a wireless router and lets the entire household store, access, and back-up files from Windows and Mac OS X operating systems. The system is compatible with Apple Time Machine and also has its own backup application.

The Seagate storage system also lets users stream photos, movies and music to an HD media player, a game console and most network-connected DLNA devices over the wireless network. The GoFlex Home storage system comes in storage capacities of 1  TB or 2 TB, with additional storage capabilities available simply by adding more drives via the USB port.

Benefits of Centralized Storage for Your Home

Centralized home media storage solutions for the home carry many of the same benefits that RAID servers do for corporations. Some of the benefits include:

– Easily and inexpensively increase the storage capacity of all your home PCs and Macs

– Easier backups from a central location

– Automatic backup solutions

– Easy file-sharing when you can access files on any system in your home from any PC or Mac or even through your smart TV connection

Need Data Recovery for Your Seagate Hard Drive?

 The only potential pitfall to centralized home storage, amidst a long list of benefits, is that a hard drive failure could mean the loss of your entire family’s important data, plus a large collection of movies, music, family photos and other important media.

 24 Hour Data’s certified data recovery professionals are experts in all Seagate hard drive recovery, from RAID servers to network storage systems designed for consumer use. If your goFlex Home network storage system experiences hard drive failure and you’re facing the loss of up to 2 TB of important family files, call us immediately to start the data recovery process with your free diagnostic. 

We understand how important your family’s files, movies and music are, and we’re here to help.

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