Is Cloud Storage Still Safe?


The recent Amazon EC2 server crash has a lot of businesses, especially small-to-mid-size businesses, wondering if cloud computing is really safe.

Cloud computing has some drawbacks. For instance, you are putting the storage of your mission-critical company data in the hands of a third party. This always has a risk. The trade-off is that you are getting a lot more storage capacity for a lot less money than you would get with a RAID server. Another benefit is that you have the ability to access your data from anywhere in the world that has a high-speed internet connection, including your smart phone or netbook.

The security measures for most cloud storage companies are greater than any small business could provide for itself, and usually includes 24-hour video monitoring at the site of the servers. Incidentally, this is the same level of security we offer when we recover your data here in 24 Hour Data’s Plano, Texas, facilities.

Cloud computing server storage facilities typically also have measures in place to provide protection from the elements and from most natural disasters, including hurricanes, tornados, fires and floods. Cloud storage is safer, both in terms of security and protection from data loss, than most storage devices a small business would have the means to implement.

Common Sense Measures to Protect Your Data

If you opt for cloud storage solutions, rather than an on-site server, for your small business, don’t count on that storage as your only data back-up. Keep local data back-ups as well as remote data back-ups on DVD or hard drive. 

And remember that nothing in life is guaranteed (well, except 24 Hour Data’s “No data, no charge” promise) Keep the phone number for 24 Hour Data handy so you can access it if you need to recover your data in the event of a cloud server crash. 

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