Lost Data from your USB 3.0 Storage Device?


The USB 3.0 protocol officially launched at the Consumer Electronics Show last year. But this year has seen the introduction of dozens of new USB 3.0 devices and the introduction of USB 3.0 devices into homes and corporate applications everywhere.

3.0 SuperSpeed represents a significant step up from the 60MB/s transfer rate of USB 2.0. The new protocol offers speeds of 5.0 Gbits/s or 625 MB/s. For the first time, USB transfer rates may actually exceed the read/write speeds of conventional hard disk drives. When you’re using solid state drive storage, however, you’ll appreciate the blazing fast speed of USB 3.0.

USB 3.0 has proven useful in homes and businesses for:

– faster back-ups to external hard drives (now there’s really no reason not to back up your data!)

– transferring graphics, including movies and photos, from flash memory cards onto your computer

– transferring movies from Mac devices like iPods, iPhones, iPads onto your Mac or PC

Lost Data from your USB 3.0 Storage Device?

 The advent of USB 3.0 means people can transfer more data even more quickly. And we know that whenever you transfer data, you risk something going wrong and  losing that data.

 Here at 24 Hour Data, we stay on the cutting edge of developing storage media technology. We’ve already developed proprietary data recovery techniques and have all the tools necessary to successfully recover lost data from USB 3.0 storage devices and flash drives.

 We also have the knowledge, expertise and industry connections to restore lost data from newly introduced hard drives that use USB 3.0 technology.

 So go ahead — upgrade to USB 3.0 for all your storage media and know that 24 Hour Data is here if you need us. 

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24hr-testimonials-quoteWOW... fantastic customer experience! Submitted a totally dead 1TB drive for recovery yesterday now its fully recovered before noon the next day! Exceptional customer service, and impeccable reputation. Thank you 24 Hour Data, ever so much for getting my valuable data recovered and back to me. Very reasonable rates. My hat goes off to the BEST data recovery service in Dallas or in the country for that matter! You will not be disappointed using their services....

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