NexGen Storage Launches New Virtual Machine for High-End Users


NexGen Storage, a Louisville, Colo. company, recently introuced a new virtual machine storage system that combines the benefits of solid state drives (SSDs) and hard disk drives (HDDs) and makes it easier to set up storage for virtualized servers for organizations running mission-critical applications.

The NexGen n5 Storage Systems… apply granular Quality of Service (QoS) levels to let users provision performance the same way they provision capacity. It does this by partitioning storage in blocks across three tiers: RAM, PCIe SSDs, and hard disks. Users can provision 30,000 IOPS for mission-critical apps, 25,000 IOPS to business critical apps, and a slower 5,000 IOPS to non-critical apps. As NexGen VP of Marketing Chris McCall explains, “We are saying, ‘Just tell us how fast you need to go.’”

The n5 Storage System uses a staged data deduplication process called Phased Data Reduction so that deduplication does not affect performance, according to the manufacturer, resulting in faster processing speeds and less interruption of applications.

Storage Capacity of the NexGen n5

The n5 system includes:

– two 640 TB PCIe solid state storage cards from Fusion-io

– 48GB of RAM

– 32 TB of SAS drives

Optional 640 GB SSD performance packs and 32 TB SAS capacity packs are also available for greater scalability. The NexGen n5 storage system is a 3U iSCSI Storage Area Network and includes a choice of 16 Gigabit Ethernet (GbE) or four 10 GbE ports.

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As the need for virtual machines for mission critical applications grows, tiered service based on performance gives business owners even more options.

But as virtual machines grow more complex, with multiple types of storage devices on one SAN, knowing who you can trust when a drive fails is even more critical. 24 Hour Data is constantly spending time in our R&D labs to develop the latest data recovery techniques for today’s new virtualization technology.

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