One Easy Way to Prevent the Need for Hard Drive Data Recovery


External hard drives designed to sit upright look sleek, take up less surface area on your desk, and are high-tech looking, reminiscent of a computer tower. (Remember how cool those were when they first came out?)

A number of major manufacturers, including Seagate, Samsung and Toshiba (to name a few) manufacture upright hard drives. Manufacturers state that you can keep an external hard drive upright (vertical), horizontal (lying flat) or even hanging from the ceiling and it won’t reduce the life span of your hard drive. These drives are designed to run equally well — and last just as long — in any position.

But there’s one problem with the upright external hard drive design — it’s susceptible to tipping. Some come with little stands that you place the hard drive in (almost like a napkin holder for your external hard drive), while others have rubber feet on the bottom of the case. In theory, upright cases with rubber feet should be less susceptible to tipping, but an accidental knock with your elbow can still send your hard drive tumbling to the floor.

 And, as you know, shock damage (from dropping a hard drive) is a major cause of hard drive failure and the need for expert hard drive data recovery.

 So what to do? Don’t take chances. Store your hard drive (even if it’s in a case designed to remain upright) horizontally on your desk, or in a spot where it can’t tip over or fall.

 If your external hard drive suddenly stops working, continues cycling without stopping, or makes unusual clicking noises — especially after it’s been dropped or has fallen over — turn off the hard drive immediately and call 24 Hour Data for your free data recovery estimate.  You may need emergency data recovery services

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