Data Recovery for Insurance Claims & General Contractors

24 Hour Data works with water and fire restoration contractors, general contractors and insurance agencies tasked with helping a home or business following a disaster. Your team is tasked with restoring a home or office to pre-flood, fire or storm condition. Our team is tasked with recovering the virtual data from physical hard drives, laptops, flash drives, cameras and more.

Often, the data that is lost in a natural disaster is an afterthought, but not to the homeowner or business. 24 Hour Data works with the following parties in the aftermath of a data loss:

  • Homeowners and businesses
  • Landlords, building owners and tenants
  • Independent insurance agencies and brokers
  • Insurance carriers and reps
  • Specialized and general contractors

Data Recovery for All Natural Disasters

Since 2013, Texas has experienced historical flooding that scientists expect to continue as climate change affects all parts of the state. In 2016, Houston and surrounding counties caused a state of emergency as thousands of homes and businesses experienced record flood levels.

Oklahoma like Texas, has experienced an increase of natural disasters in the last few years. Tornados and storms are even more prevalent and can cause electrical shock, water and fire damage to a variety of devices (computers, laptops, flash drives, smartphones and more).

Partner with 24 Hour Data as a Contractor

24 Hour Data has partnered with DKI, Disaster Kleenup International, a franchise based organization with over 400 service providers worldwide.


Partner with 24 Hour Data as an Insurance Rep or Agent

24 Hour Data is a member of the Alacrity verified contractor network. Alacrity works with 24 Hour Data on claims related to data recovery from Allstate Insurance, Safeco, Foremost, eSurance, Liberty Mutual, American Family and Farmer’s.

24 Hour Data can also work with small insurance carriers and independent agencies throughout Texas and Oklahoma. Read our article on how independent agents can benefit from partnering with a data recovery service to learn more.  

Partner with 24 Hour Data as an Individual

As a homeowner or business owner, your insurance agency will often recommend a general contractor during a claim. However, when it comes to your data, whether it’s business files or family photos, insurance policies are notorious for leaving out coverage or being ambiguous.

It's possible that your current homeowners or business insurance policy covers 100% of our data retrieval services. Contact 24 Hour Data to find out if you’re covered. 

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