Prevent the Need for External Hard Drive Data Recovery: Use the Right Power Cord


You need to plug in an external hard drive. Maybe it’s one you haven’t used in a while, or maybe you just moved and you’re setting up your home office in your new place.

 It’s easy enough to find a USB cable to connect today’s external hard drives to any laptop, desktop PC or Mac computer. But if you grab any old power cord, plug it into your external drive, and then into the electrical outlet — you could be asking for trouble… and a need for emergency data recovery.

 You should only use the correct power cord — that is, the one that came with your external hard drive. The wrong power cord could create a power surge that will overheat your drive and fry the internals. This requires a call to external hard drive data recovery experts to perform a physical and logical recovery on your hard drive to retrieve the data.

 Keep Your External Hard Drive Power Cords Straight

Power cords come in different gauges (the thickness of the wire), different watts, and different voltage. That’s why it’s important to use the right power cord for your external hard drive to prevent a power surge.

 Prior to a move — or if you’re storing your external hard drive and its power cord for only occasional use — each power cord using a small piece of white tape or masking tape around the cord. That way, you know exactly what machine it’s for.

 If you lose or damage the power cord that came with your external hard drive, call the manufacturer to order a replacement. Have the model name and number of your external hard drive handy.

 Before plugging in your external hard drive, also make sure that the power cord is not frayed, cut or damaged in any way. Damage creates a fire hazard as well as a risk to your external hard drive.

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