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When your hard disk drive crashes, or you can’t access the data on the solid state drive in your mobile device, your first instinct might be to panic. We all know that terrible feeling. Our PC or laptop and, more than ever today, our smartphone or tablet, is our lifeline. In most cases, it’s our career. It’s also the way we communicate with friends and family, pay bills, find entertainment options, share (and take!) photos, listen to music, stream movies… There’s a lot of important data on your PC or mobile device. 

In the event of a hard drive crash, there are do-it-yourself data recovery techniques you can use and even software you can purchase. But, often, using these DIY data recovery techniques can actually cause more damage to your hard drive, decreasing the chances that you will have a successful data recovery.

When a hard drives crashes due to logical failure (that means the hard disk drive components themselves are not damaged, only the data on the platters), each time you ask the hard disk to perform a function, such as trying to read data, you are overwriting the data. This makes it harder for a professional data recovery service to get that lost data back.

If your hard disk drive has suffered physical damage, either due to fire, flood, shock damage, or because the platters are sticking, you could do even greater damage by trying to read the data on the disk. The read/write heads may get stuck to the platter, physically ripping the data off the platter and rendering it completely irretrievable. 

When you decide to risk do-it-yourself data recovery, there is no guarantee you’ll get your data back. In fact, you could damage your hard disk drive or solid state drive beyond repair. 

If you call 24 Hour Data to recover your lost data as soon as you notice a problem, the odds increase substantially that we will perform a successful data recovery for you. 

If, for whatever reason, we can’t recover your lost data, there’s no charge for our service. That’s our “no data, no charge,” guarantee … and what that means to our customers is that there’s never any risk. 

There’s nothing to lose when you call 24 Hour Data for your data recovery service … and everything to gain, including your lost data and that happy feeling that comes from knowing you’ve retrieved all your movies, music, family photos and anything else that may be stored on your hard drive or mobile device. 

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24hr-testimonials-quoteWOW... fantastic customer experience! Submitted a totally dead 1TB drive for recovery yesterday now its fully recovered before noon the next day! Exceptional customer service, and impeccable reputation. Thank you 24 Hour Data, ever so much for getting my valuable data recovered and back to me. Very reasonable rates. My hat goes off to the BEST data recovery service in Dallas or in the country for that matter! You will not be disappointed using their services....

Mark Davis
Bear Technologies

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