Protect Your Important Data by Performing Regular System Updates


You get to your computer impatient to get started on the first item on agenda. So much to do, an important deadline, and you have to close shop early for your kids’ soccer game at three. Your fingers tap your desk as you wait for your computer to boot up. Most of the time, you love what you do as a small business owner. And to be honest, your mind is revving with ideas this morning. But you want to get started already.

Then that pop-up box appears: “Important updates available now.” The cursor hovers between your choices: “Perform updates now” and “Remind me later.”

 You click “remind me later,” dismissing the concept with a wave of your hand, and open MS Office to get started on business as usual.

Out-of-Date Software Can Lead to Attacks

When you don’t perform recommended updates to your PC, tablet or even your Android or Windows-based smartphone, you’re opening yourself to dangerous malware attacks, viruses and security breeches.

These updates are designed to correct vulnerabilities in the OS. Security researchers work round-the-clock to stay one step ahead of hackers, and security updates are the way they pass their knowledge and better protection on to end users.

If you skip the updates (and we all know what “remind me later” means — just like data back-up, doing it later often means it won’t get done), you could set yourself up for catastrophic data loss.

 So grab that second cup of coffee, sit back, and let your computer run the updates and patches it needs, so you can continue your work without facing corrupted files, failure-to-boot issues and other problems later.

Too Late for Security Updates? Facing Data Loss? Call Us.

We understand completely why updates often take a back seat to revenue-producing work, especially for small business owners or employees high up on the chain of command. We just hate to see system failures and data loss happen to good people.

If a virus attacks your system, you could be facing the loss of mission critical data. Those 10 minutes you didn’t think you have time for earlier can become days of downtime and lost productivity. But if the worst-case scenario happens and you lose your mission critical data from a hard drive, SSL drive, RAID server, v-ware, or any Mac OS, 24 Hour Data can help.

 Call us for fast service and, even more important, to speak to a data recovery expert who really cares about your company and recovering your lost data so you can get back to full efficiency sooner. 

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