Raid Hardware v. Raid Software: Understanding the Pros and Cons


RAID arrays come in two different formats: hardware and software. RAID hardware uses a disc controller that physically connects the hard drives in your RAID array. 

On the other hand, RAID software is simply a set of kernel modules coupled with management utilities; no hardware beyond the hard disk drives in your RAID array is necessary. 

If you are setting up a RAID array for your business or even your home, you might be debating whether you should invest in a RAID controller or simply select a RAID software solution. 

Let’s look at the pros and cons of each. 

RAID software:

– less expensive, since there are no hardware components

– requires more power

– may operate more slowly than a RAID array using hardware

– is more complicated to troubleshoot and fix should something go wrong

RAID hardware:

– is faster

– is typically more expensive

– may offer features to help you optimize the performance of your system

– may be more stable

This doesn’t mean that a RAID controller is always the best choice. Your IT department or technology vendor can advise you of the best option for your business.

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Whether your RAID array uses a RAID controller or runs through RAID software, data recovery is no easy business — and it’s not for amateurs or do-it-yourself computer enthusiasts.

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