Running a Cost-Benefit Analysis for Data Recovery Services


For large corporations, the decision to seek emergency data recovery services after RAID server failure is a “no-brainer.” Even if back-ups work and are accessible, there may be lag time of up to 24 hours between back-ups. For corporations, these 24 hours (or less) can represent substantial costs. 

But if you’re a smaller business or an individual, it may be more difficult to quantify the real cost of data loss. Everything has a price, whether that price is measured in capital, time, productivity, employee morale, your company’s reputation, or other factors. Here are a few questions to consider when you weigh the costs of data recovery against not using a professional data recovery service to restore your lost data. 

1 – How quickly can your company get back and up running at 100 percent without restoring the missing data? How much productivity will be lost and what will that lost productivity cost in terms of actual sales, as well as customer service? 

2 – Can the lost data be replicated in another way? If it can, what will that cost in employee time and morale? How much frustration will there be, when, months later, someone tries to access a file only to remember that file vanished in the data loss emergency and was never replicated? 

3 –  If you opt for do-it-yourself data recovery, how much time and productivity will you lose? Can you put an estimated dollar value on that loss? How does that number compare to the costs of calling a data recovery service right away to restore your lost data? 

When you quantify, as best you can, each of these aspects of data loss, you may realize it’s not worth taking chances. Look for a professional data recovery service with a success rate that is highest in the industry to restore your important business files and get your company (or you!) back to full productivity faster. 

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