Samsung Hard Drive Offers Industry Leading 4TB of Storage


At the recent CeBIT Show, held this March 1 – 5 at the Hannover Exhibition Center in Germany, Samsung unveiled a 4TB hard drive with 1TB platters. of the SpinPoint EcoGreen F6 line of HDDs, the drive operates at 5200 RPM and uses an ATA-600 interface. It has 32 MB of cache.

This is the industry’s largest hard disk drive. Consumers hope the advent of 4TB storage technology with 1TB platters will drive down the price of smaller drives in the 1 – 2.5 TB range.

Other consumers voice skepticism about the practicality of the technology in today’s operating systems.

About GTP Partitioning in Windows

Users of Windows XP, Vista or Win7 will need to format any hard drive over 2 TB as a GTP partition through your drive management snap-in. Because partitions on a GPT disk  are not constrained by container partitions, they can accommodate HDDs of a very large size. GPT disks locate data critical to platform operation in partitions, not hidden sectors. Primary and backup partition tables are used for redundancy.

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