SSD Prices Set to Fall in 2012


Technology research firm Gartner, Inc. predicts that SSD (Solid State Drive) prices will fall drastically in 2012, making them the storage media of choice in consumer laptop and desktop computers.

The MacBook Air and certain Dell models already come with SSD storage rather than traditional (HDD) hard drives, but the price of the technology kept it out of range for most users.

Now, with prices just over $2 per GB, solid state drives are more accessible to early adopters. Gartner predicts that, by the second half of 2012, the price will drop to $1 per GB, which will put them in reach of most consumers and make it possible for more manufacturers to include SSD technology in laptop and desktop computer models without driving prices out of the range of their market.

SSD technology has many benefits, including:

– With no moving parts, they draw less power, increasing battery life on laptops and reducing electric costs to power desktop computers

– No moving parts also means nothing to wear out

– They are slimmer, lighter and smaller, which is convenient in laptops, netbooks and other portable technology 

SSD Brings New Data Recovery Challenges

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