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High school and college students facing catastrophic data loss the day before a big assignment is due may panic. Almost everyone has been there at least once. You’ve just spent hours, maybe even all night, working on a paper. You hit save. And the computer freezes. The drive begins making clicking noises, then it starts grinding. Now you’re looking at the “blue screen of death.” This really can’t be happening.

But it is. And it does.

Often, it’s those last minute assignments that never get backed up. Most students and home users perform back-ups nightly or weekly, if that. It’s very rare someone would back up a story they’re in the process of writing and had just started during that computer session.

Yet, when you’re putting your computer through the paces for long hours, that’s exactly when things are bound to go wrong. Things like overheating. Or maybe it has nothing to do with how long the machine has been on. Catastrophic hard drive failure can happen at any time. And Murphy’s Law states it’s probably going to happen on the day before that big term paper is due.

Does it sound like we understand? Like we know what it’s like because we’ve had a few customers in exactly that situation? Or it’s happened to our data recovery experts years ago? (Yes, it has. We’re human, too, after all.)

That’s why 24 Hour Data provides emergency data recovery for college students at affordable prices. It shouldn’t be a choice of eating or recovering your lost data. 24 Hour Data even provides an external USB hard drive of up to 250 GB to return your recovered data, and we ship it back to you on us, as well. 

When you pack your bags for school this Fall, remember to bring the number for 24 Hour Data with you. We hope you won’t need us this semester (or ever.) But we’re here for you if we do, with a prompt price quote (within a few hours of receiving your hard drive) and complete data recovery, usually within 24 to 48 hours, backed by our iron-clad data guarantee.

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24hr-testimonials-quoteWOW... fantastic customer experience! Submitted a totally dead 1TB drive for recovery yesterday now its fully recovered before noon the next day! Exceptional customer service, and impeccable reputation. Thank you 24 Hour Data, ever so much for getting my valuable data recovered and back to me. Very reasonable rates. My hat goes off to the BEST data recovery service in Dallas or in the country for that matter! You will not be disappointed using their services....

Mark Davis
Bear Technologies

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