Three Ways to Keep Your Hard Drive Cool This Summer


Here in Dallas, Texas, the home of 24 Hour Data, we understand hot summers! Before the temperatures reach triple digits, it’s time to make sure your PC, Mac or your server is protected from overheating. Here are three ways:

 1. Upgrade your cooling fans – If the room where you house your Mac or PC is typically not very cool or has poor ventilation, you may want to upgrade the fans inside the system unit with more powerful, aftermarket fans. Most Macs and PCs have a CPU fan, a power supply fan, and one or two case fans. If you don’t have case fans, it’s a good idea to add them when you upgrade your other fans.

 2. Proper ventilation – Don’t keep your system unit too close to a wall, so that air vented out by the fans has no place to go. If you have a server, you may want to store it in a rackmount unit that offers proper ventilation and may even include fans of its own.

 3. Keep ambient temperatures low. – If you’re comfortable the room where you keep your computer, your computer probably is, too. Remember, computers give off heat, so you may have to run the air conditioner at a lower temperature than you would in a room with no computer equipment in it. Keep the room cool, too, by dimming the lights and closing blinds that let in sunlight.

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Overheating is one of the main causes of system failure and the need for data recovery. 24 Hour Data is  available round the clock, in every season, to recover your lost data from your home PC or Mac computer. 

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