Toshiba Hybrid Hard Drive in the Works


The guys over at revealed that Toshiba is currently working on its 2.5-inch 1 TB hybrid hard drive. The drive is expected to have 4 GB cache and on-board NAND to cache repetitive file requests. The drive will be an answer to the Seagate Momentus IV.

Benefits of a Hybrid Drive

A hybrid hard drive or HHD boasts quicker data access speeds for information stored within the cache, as well as faster boot-up times, decreased power consumption and heat generation, and enhanced reliability. 

HHDs also offer quieter operation, since the motor isn’t constantly running.

Hybrid Hard Disk Drives Require Special Data Recovery Services

Today’s hybrid hard drives may have two drawbacks, however. They may have a shorter lifetime due to the increased spin-up and spin-down processes.

The other drawback is that, if you suffer from system failure, the architecture of an HHD means conventional do-it-yourself data recovery processes simply won’t work.

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