Vacation in a Far Off Land? Protect Your Laptop, Photos and Data During Travel


According to a Priceline survey, the staycation trend is ending and people are traveling again for the summer. The Priceline survey showed about 86% of people planning summer vacations.

If you’re in the majority of people traveling this summer, you might be bringing a smartphone, iPad, netbook, digital camera or maybe even your laptop computer. If that’s the case, you may be storing your vacation photos on one of these devices before you even head home. But airline travel can be rough on electronic devices. Follow these tips to protect your memories — and all your family’s important data — during your vacation.

1. Airport X-ray machines won’t harm smartphones, laptops, digital cameras or other devices. Remove laptops from their case as instructed and keep an eye on your laptop as you send it through the X-ray machine. Since many laptops look alike, you may want to mark yours by putting a brightly-colored sticker or a label with your name on the top to prevent mix-ups.

2. Make sure your laptop is in a padded case. Keep in mind objects may shift in overhead bins. Open overhead storage compartments carefully to prevent your laptop bag from falling out and causing shock damage to the hard disk drive. Better yet, stow your laptop bag under your seat. 

3. Consider storing USB drives and flash memory cards in your pocket where they won’t be crushed in overhead bins. Or keep them in your padded camera case for protection.

If your computer is harmed during travel, resulting in catastrophic data loss, you may be covered by your airline carrier or credit card for the replacement cost of the computer. But you’ll still need affordable data recovery service to restore the priceless data on your machine. Call 24 Hour Data to begin the data recovery process wherever you are.

We’ll have your data (up to 250 GB) shipped to your home on an external hard drive provided by us. Take precautions with your laptop, camera, and important data when you travel. But remember that 24 Hour Data is there when you need us to restore lost data fast — guaranteed! 

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