What is a Self-Encrypting Hard Drive?


Many hard drive manufacturers are introducing self-encrypting hard drives (SED). If you are a business looking to protect proprietary trade secrets and other important data, or even an individual who stores bank account information and other personal details on your computer, a SED might be the best choice for you.

How SED’s Work
Self-encrypting drives scramble data as it is written to the disk, then descrambles it when you retrieve it. This provides an added level of security beyond password-protection on your hard drive.

Rather than overwriting data to delete it if the hard drive changes hands (for instance, if you sell your computer), you simply delete the encryption key and other users won’t be able to access the data easily.

Benefits of SEDs
Self-encrypting drives like the new Hitachi TravelStar and UltraStar models have several benefits over traditional hard drives for many applications:
– No set-up time required to turn on the encrypting feature

– Industry standards set by Trusted Computer Group (TCG) ensure drives are compatible with most computers

– Drives are more portable since the encryption technnology resides within the drive
– Faster system performance since encryption features are built into the drive, not bogging down the processor and chipset.

Data Recovery on SED Drives
Is it possible to recover data from an SED hard disk? Most private individuals would not have the technology or know-how to perform successful data recovery on an SED. But 24 Hour Data has been studying the technology since it was developed to discover the best ways to retrieve lost data from an SED hard drive.

If you’re looking for an added level of security and protection for the sensitive files on your computer, chances are you don’t want to risk losing those files, either. 24 Hour Data will sign a security agreement so you know we won’t share the data we retrieve off your SED. You can rest assured we’ll recover your data safely, securely, and with the utmost confidentiality.

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