7 Ways Virtualization Can Save Your Business Time and Money


Virtualization, the process where a server is set up to act as multiple servers for storage purposes, is a growing trend in the IT world. Data recovery of virtualware (VMWare) and virtualized servers requires specialized knowledge of both data recovery and virtualization processes. Data recovery of a virtual server should not be attempted by anyone but data recovery specialists, to avoid the potential of losing mission critical data.

However, virtualizing data storage has many benefits that can save your company time and money.

1. Increase storage capacity for less money, without investing in larger or additional hard drives. RAID arrays that utilize mirroring for redundancy sacrifice at least 50 percent of their storage space. Creating a virtual server increases storage capacity without adding hard disk drives or expensive SSDs 

2. Make back-ups faster with virtualization software by eliminating drops in communication speeds between the application server and back-up server. Your IT staff will spend less time managing back-ups and your system will experience less downtime.

3. Add storage space to a database automatically, without the need to call in your IT staff to make manual updates.

4. Run different operating systems on the same virtual Storage Area Network without hassles or special configurations. 

5. Save real space in your server farm or equipment rooms with virtual servers.

6. Save costs on equipment and maintenance as well as energy costs with Virtual Machines.

7. The snapshots taken by virtual servers can sometimes make disaster recovery easier, but they are not a substitute for regular back-ups or professional data recovery if a hard drive experiences logical or physical damage, or if files are corrupted or accidentally deleted.

If any of the hard drives in your virtual server begin making strange noises or fail to boot, call data recovery specialists immediately for a free diagnostic to avoid the loss of mission critical data. 

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