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You have two more days until the big presentation... You've been up all night working and you feel proud of the product you've created. That's when it happens, your worst nightmare: spilled coffee all over your MacBook!

24 Hour Data has more than 15 years of experience working with Apple, performing successful Macintosh and iOS recoveries on all the latest devices. Our team of engineers provides fast, friendly emergency service when you need it most.

Whether you're the head of an ad agency who just lost a client's latest campaign, a wedding photographer that lost an entire weekend of newlywed photos, or if you dropped your iPhone and it failed to restart, 24 Hour Data has experience in every scenario.

The 24 Hour Data Process

Stop by our headquarters in Dallas, TX or any other of our many locations. Our Apple trained engineers can walk you through the steps to find and retrieve any data. If our drop off centers aren't convenient, we will pay for shipping of your HDD or your entire iPhone/iPad/iPod to our secure recovery lab. In 24 hours, you will receive a free diagnostic and price estimate.

As soon as you give us approval, we'll start the data recovery process and in most cases ship your old disc drive and recovered data back within 24 to 48 hours. In the unusual case where we can't perform a successful recovery, there's no charge for our work and we'll ship your materials back to you free of cost. That's our no data, no charge guarantee!

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Our customers store all types of data on these advanced drives, and we have successfully performed data retrieval for individuals, small businesses and Fortune 500 companies. We can usually perform a successful recovery operation within 24 to 48 hours. If, for any reason, we cannot retrieve the data from your device, there's no charge for our service.


Flashing Question Mark? Get Data Recovery.

Mac users know, when that flashing question mark appears on a laptop or desktop, it can mean many things, but all bad. Typically due to an operating system failure or mechanical hard disc drive failure. 24 Hour Data's experienced engineers can tell you for sure, through our free diagnostic process. Once we discover the problem, we will be transparent in the cost and solution.

If you experience a flashing question mark, it's important to stop using your computer immediately! Trying to recover the data yourself could result in permanent loss of all data, including your operating system.


Working hand-in-hand with Apple since 1995

Many businesses now run on Apple due to the combination of the bring your own device movement and employee preferences and the recognized reliability of Apple products.


Apple Macbooks and Macbook Pro's are recognized as the best selling laptops in the U.S. The iMac and iOS smartphones and tablets are also recognized for their popularity and critically acclaimed design.

However, despite being expertly engineered, hard drive failures on Apple products do happen. It's true that Macintosh is less prone to viruses and a data loss due to software, or known as logical failure. But Apple computers rely on similar hard disc drives in a PC, making them just as likely to crash due to mechanical failure.

Common causes of Mac HDD failures include:

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    Power surges

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    Head failure

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    Water damage to laptops, iPhones and iPads

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    Dropped computers (physical shock)

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    Time, hard drives crash and have a limited lifespan

If any of these unfortunate circumstances occurs, you may face a loss of data, including important business files, family photos, your iTunes collection and more. It's not always easy to find a data recovery firm with extensive experience on Macintosh products.


As an authorized Apple Service Provider, 24 Hour Data can perform successful data recovery and hard drive repairs without voiding the manufacturer's warranty. We're authorized to order Apple parts, too. When you get your computer, smartphone or tablet back from us, you'll have a machine that is as good as new, but with all of your important data.
Apple Products


We Successfully Recover Photos – Fast!


A picture is worth a thousand words, or even more if you're a professional photographer. Whether the pictures were taken with a professional DSLR and edited in iPhoto or simply snapped with an iPhone, we know how important those photos are to you!

24 Hour Data specializes in successful iPhoto recovery on Mac devices. Learn more about our photo data recovery options.

24 Hour Data Recovers all Apple Products

Like all technology, Apple products change rapidly. 24 Hour Data's team of network engineers are frequently tested and tasked with complex recoveries on a plethora of Apple devices. From an iPad to a first generation PowerBook G4 to an XServe RAID, and everything in between, whatever your emergency, 24 Hour Data's specialists have the knowledge, skills and experience to successfully recover data from any Mac device.

Common Apple Data Recoveries include:

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    MacBook Pro

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    MacBook Air

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    Mac Pro

  • imgBulletSpecial

    Mac Mini

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    iMac G3, G4 and G5

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    iPod Touch

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    Mac Formatted

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    External Hard Drives

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24hr-testimonials-quote I received the recovered files from my LaCie drive today and am in a total state of euphoria! Absolutely everything that I needed was recovered and, more than that, some extremely important files that will mean so very much to a lot of other people. There is no way that I could possibly be more pleased with the outcome.

John Stephens
Jail Hill Imaging

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