Flash Drive Data Recovery

From family photos to important reports, we can recover your priceless data.

We Understand the Value of Your Data

More and more data today is stored using flash based memory from digital camera memory sticks, SmartMedia and SD memory cards to USB/Firewire flash drives and Solid State Drives.

Flash drives, like other forms of storage media, have grown in capacity at cheaper costs in a portable package. They are now ubiquitous at tradeshows and are given away for free as swag. Kingston is now selling a USB flash drive with a full terabyte of storage.

Because we carry these drives in our pockets, hang them from lanyards around our necks, or even leave them sticking out the side of our laptops, they are particularly susceptible to physical shock and water damage, resulting in data loss.

We Recover Data from all Flash Memory Devices

Repairing a flash drive isn't necessary, a new drive is easily affordable. But, if you want data back, 24 Hour Data can help. We guarantee our methods won't lead to a further loss of data. There are many paid and free software programs online that claim to recover content from flash storage. However, they can easily prevent a professional firm from getting data back. Software also can't solve physical failure from shock damage or water and is limited to select scenarios.

24 Hour Data offers a No Data, No Charge guarantee, but is frequently successful in recovering lost pictures, documents, and files on corrupt, deleted or damaged flash drives.



Our customers store all types of data on these advanced drives, and we have successfully performed data retrieval for individuals, small businesses and Fortune 500 companies. We can usually perform a successful recovery operation within 24 to 48 hours. If, for any reason, we cannot retrieve the data from your device, there's no charge for our service.


24 Hour Data works on all Flash Memory Storage

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    Memory Stick

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    USB Flash Drive

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    SD Cards

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    PC Card storage devices

From professional photographers, C-suite executives to school teachers, 24 Hour Data recovers lost data when it is critical to your business or family. We have recovered priceless baby pictures, vacation photos and videos once thought lost forever.

24 Hour Data uses proven data recovery processes to recover all your data -usually within 48 hours.

Damaged flash drive? Corrupt data? Call us today to begin the flash data recovery process with your risk-free estimate. 866-598-DATA or email [email protected].

24hr-testimonials-quote I would like to say thank you for all you did to help with our recent Data Recovery needs. From the first moments talking to you I was at ease and felt confident that we would be ok. We were. 24 Hour Data was nothing short of incredible in getting the job done, done right and as quickly as possible. I sincerely appreciate you and your service and it’s a great relief to know that we now have a ready resource to take care of any data recovery needs we may have in the future. Again, you guys are/were everything we could have asked for in our time of need. Thank you so very much!!

Roger Fye
Dial Global

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