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The amended Federal Rules of Civil Procedures have led to an increased demand for electronic discovery (eDiscovery) in corporations, law firms, and government agencies. As established leaders in the field of data recovery, storage and management, 24 Hour Data is equipped to handle all eDiscovery cases with confidentiality and professionalism, and in accordance with federal regulations.

What is eDiscovery?

Electronic discovery involves the collection, sorting, processing, review, storage and delivery of electronic files, also known as Electronically Stored Information (ESI), for use as evidence in litigation.

ESI includes emails, documents, spreadsheets, digital photos, PDFs and a host of other file types. It can come from a number of media sources, including hard disk drives, USB drives, solid state drives, RAID arrays, servers, smartphones, flash memory cards, digital cameras, websites, cloud-based storage solutions such as Dropbox or Google Drive, email programs and more.

The 24 Hour Data Difference

ESI is different from hard copy paper information in a number of ways, with complex rules for the methods by which electronic evidence can be collected, stored and used in order for it to be declared admissible in courts.

That's why you shouldn't leave eDiscovery to just anybody. Any electronic discovery processes should be legally defensible, repeatable, and stand up to the rigors of an audit. A firm that understands the 2006 Federal Rules of Civil Procedure (FRCP) will provide eDiscovery services using proven best practices.

24 Hour Data has entered the eDiscovery field confident in our skills and expertise, bringing our reputation for unmatched customer service.

We developed best practices adhering to FRCP mandates, hired the best experts in the area of electronic discovery, data analytics and computer forensics, and drew on our decades of experience in data recovery and data management to provide the highest level of service.



Our customers store all types of data on these advanced drives, and we have successfully performed data retrieval for individuals, small businesses and Fortune 500 companies. We can usually perform a successful recovery operation within 24 to 48 hours. If, for any reason, we cannot retrieve the data from your device, there's no charge for our service.


Challenges to eDiscovery

One of the biggest challenges if you receive an order for eDiscovery as a result of litigation is to understand the legal requests and then provide the data required in acceptable formats, preserving data integrity and ensuring files haven't been altered or tampered with. 24 Hour Data's eDiscovery experts will help you understand what's required and deliver the necessary files in a number of approved formats, including native formats, TIFF or .PDF file formats, with a load file that makes document review easy.

Our expert data analysts manage "big data," reducing redundancies and pinpointing relevant ESI from a variety of files from multiple sources. We employ techniques that include deduplication and di-NISTing to provide legal counsel with the most relevant documents.

Our Proven eDiscovery Process

Electronic Discovery typically involves six steps. 24 Hour Data has experts in litigation support who manage each step in accordance with FRCP, all the while using the utmost understanding and discretion during this stressful time.

We understand that eDiscovery can be arduous, stressful and expensive. Our goal is to minimize disruption in the workplace and to servers, maintain appropriate documentation for all ESI discovery and ensure compliance with FRCP, all at fair prices.

We complete eDiscovery processes quickly and efficiently so legal proceedings can continue without delay. Our customers, which include businesses of every size, law firms and government agencies, have faith in our eDiscovery services because they trust the 24 Hour Data difference.

Our Happy Customers


24hr-testimonials-quote Thank you very much for taking care of our customers data recovery needs. We've never received any complaints about your quality service and the successful data recovery you deliver. We will continue to use and recommend 24 hour data for all our data recovery needs.

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