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We recover lost data from smartphones and other mobile devices.

The day is now ruined. You dropped your smartphone in water. Or it overheated and then refused to turn on. Your iPhone or iPad crashed after the latest iOS update. Your Samsung Galaxy tablet won’t hold a charge.

You could call your service provider and, if your mobile device is under warranty, they will ship you a new one right away. But Verizon, AT&T and Sprint don’t provide data recovery services, unless a backup in their cloud was made. So now you’re starting to think about all the photos, videos, documents, notes, lists and contacts you may have lost.

People often panic when faced with the loss of their smartphone or tablet and the reality of not recovering data. They do crazy things, like place their water-damaged phone in a bowl of rice overnight, or go online to download data recovery software.

Both actions are equally dangerous. Attempting do-it-yourself data recovery on your smartphone or tablet can further damage the device, rendering the data completely irrecoverable, even by a professional firm.

If your smart phone is damaged, won’t turn on, or has suffered data corruption, call 24 Hour Data right away. You’ll be surprised how quickly we can recover your smartphone.

24 Hour Data for Mobile Device Recovery

We carry our smartphones and tablets virtually everywhere. We use them to capture our most important thoughts and moments in words, pictures, and video. Yet we don’t always back up this important data.

When you select a service provider to extract the data on your mobile phone, you want a company you can trust. 24 Hour Data’s professional data recovery engineers have decades of experience, and an unmatched success rate.

Just some of the things we offer.

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    We will repair a cracked screen, free of charge with data recovery!

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    Our unique process carefully extracts all recoverable data without further damaging the device

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    All physical recoveries are performed in our state-of-the-art clean room in Dallas, TX. This is critical for the delicate electronics in today’s mobile devices

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    We guarantee 100% client privacy and complete confidentiality of all your data in our ISO-certified secure facility

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    Our employees undergo background checks to ensure their integrity – and give you peace-of-mind

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    Save money with our honest estimate and our no data, no charge guarantee

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Our customers store all types of data on these advanced drives, and we have successfully performed data retrieval for individuals, small businesses and Fortune 500 companies. We can usually perform a successful recovery operation within 24 to 48 hours. If, for any reason, we cannot retrieve the data from your device, there's no charge for our service.


Don’t Risk Your Data with Anyone Else

Whether you’re a business owner or a college student, the data on your smartphone or tablet is likely personal. In 2016, a couple in Austin, TX had their phone repaired by a company in Plano recommended by Sprint. They eventually sued the company, after an employee posted their private photos from a very personal photoshoot online.

24 Hour Data works with Fortune 500 corporations and individuals that realize our positive customer reputation is the result of secure data. Every client receives 100% confidentiality, and the retrieved data is stored in our SAS Type II facility in Dallas, TX to prevent theft.

Our privacy policy, combined with our industry-high success rate in data retrieval, means your photos, videos and files are always safe in our hands.

Facing a Mobile Data Disaster? Don’t Wait.

There are at least 101 things that can go wrong with a smart phone and cause data loss, from the famous faux pas of dropping your phone in a puddle or pool to leaving it in a hot car where it can experience heat damage.

Sim cards can be damaged if removed improperly or if the phone is dropped. Files – or entire operating systems (Google Android, Apple iOS and Microsoft Windows) – can be accidentally deleted.

Files can be rendered inaccessible if you forget your password and can’t retrieve it.

Smartphones and tablets can fall victim to shock damage, power surges, data corruption, failure to perform system updates, and even letting your device’s memory storage get too full.

Increasingly, hackers are targeting viruses at smartphone users, even Apple's iPhone. A recent virus caused Safari to crash when users clicked a specific link, shared via social media as a shortened URL accompanied by an enticing description. Another virus makes it impossible for iPhone users to access their Messages app without rebooting. While these viruses seem harmless, if annoying, the next virus could be one that wipes out all your messages, deletes your photos and videos, or even renders your device’s OS completely inoperable.

With all the things that can go wrong with your mobile phone, it’s good to know there’s one company you can trust to retrieve your data. The faster you call, the faster our data recovery specialists can get to work diagnosing your problem and working to recover your data.

We Recover All Makes & Models of Smartphones, Tablets, and Phablets

At 24 Hour Data, we’ve been working with popular smartphone brands since they were first introduced. Our engineers have extensive experience successfully recovering data from devices that include:

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    All models of Samsung Galaxy & Galaxy Note

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    All models of HTC Android-based phones, including HTC One, HTC Incredible 2

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    Sony Experia

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    Apple iPad

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    All models of Apple iPhone, including iPhone 6, iPhone 6+, iPhone SE, 7, 7+, 8, 8+, and iPhone X.

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    Motorola Razr, Motorola Droid and others

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    All models of Blackberry

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    All models of LG smartphones and tablets

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    All models of Microsoft Windows Phones

Our Happy Customers


24hr-testimonials-quote I received the recovered files from my LaCie drive today and am in a total state of euphoria! Absolutely everything that I needed was recovered and, more than that, some extremely important files that will mean so very much to a lot of other people. There is no way that I could possibly be more pleased with the outcome.

John Stephens
Jail Hill Imaging

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Recent Smartphone Recovery Cases

Austin Start-Up Founder Loses Business Data and Family Memories
The founder of a technology start-up in Austin recently contacted our Austin, TX office. His iPhone crashed for no apparent reason, the day after he’d taken several important photos of their new building under construction, and made locally-hosted sketches of new product concepts. What’s worse, that past weekend was his daughter’s birthday and he had captured videos and pictures of her whole party on the phone.

His iPhone crashed before he made back-ups to iCloud; he was concerned about the loss of business data, his contacts, and especially the birthday videos and photos.

Fortunately, the files and the phone were not physically damaged, and 24 Hour Data was able to perform a fast and affordable logical data recovery on the iPhone, retrieving the entrepreneur’s mission critical files and the family photos and videos, too.

Vacationers Seek Recovery of Water-Soaked Smartphone
The couple heard the splash and their hearts sank into Grapevine lake along with their Galaxy S6 smartphone. It was close to the shoreline and they were able to retrieve it, but they knew it wouldn’t turn on.

Fortunately, 24 Hour Data can extract data from water-damaged phones, and save it to a flash drive to load onto a new device. You don’t have to lose your vacation photos, your text messages or your important files. In fact, this vacationing couple was able to pick up their data before they even left for home, and was able to enjoy the last few days, knowing they had their files back on a new Android smartphone in their pocket.

Houston PR Professional Runs Over iPad
Being a working parent isn’t easy, and every morning is a rush to get the kids off to school and daycare while getting to the office on-time. Accidents happen. It was in a rare moment of silence after getting the kids strapped into their seats and buckled that a PR professional backed up the car – and then heard a sickening crunch.

In the typical morning madness, her iPad slipped out of her bag and under her car. Pulling out, she must have run it over. Quickly hitting the brakes and putting the car in park, she retrieved the mangled device. As soon as she got to the office, she Googled “data recovery services” and called our Houston office.

From important work files, client images, family photos, and brainstorming session notes, our client virtually worked and lived on her iPad. It wasn’t an easy data recovery case, requiring physical repair and recovery in a certified clean room environment, but we were able to retrieve close to 99 percent of her important files.