24 Hour Data: Experts in eForensics

eForensics, also called digital forensics or computer forensics, is the process of collecting and preserving data from digital devices and using that data to obtain factual evidence admissible in a trial.

There are several stages necessary to complete eForensics services:

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    Collection of data evidence / Imaging of data

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    Sorting of data

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    Data analysis

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    Preparing a report related to the data findings

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    Providing expert testimony relating to the data

Through every step, specific processes must be followed to ensure data is not modified, damaged, corrupted, deleted or otherwise tampered with. When our eForensics experts image the data, we take care to make sure that all forensic images are true copies of the original media. Our specialists can also detect tampering that may have occurred before the data was in our hands.

eForensics Services for All of Today’s Digital Devices

24 Hour Data’s highly qualified, specially trained eForensics experts can collect and image data from any of today’s high-tech digital devices including:

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    Hard disk drives

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    Solid state drives

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    Encryted drives

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    USB flash drives

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    Flash memory cards

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    Digital cameras

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    RAID arrays and servers

Forensic Data Recovery

Often, crucial data relevant to a trial may be destroyed, intentionally or by negligence. When a hard drive, flash drive, smartphone or other device containing important digital evidence has been destroyed, 24 Hour Data’s recovery specialists are uniquely qualified to get it back.

Following all standards and best practices for eForensics data recovery, we can extract data that’s been damaged by water or salt water, shock damage, fire, or smoke. We can then collect and sort the data and verify its authenticity.

Security, Backups and the Right Processes to Protect Your Data

When a company or individual needs legal assistance in collecting and sorting digital data for use in a trial or deposition, it takes unique expertise and specific processes to complete the task efficiently and effectively.

We store all imaged data in our secure facility with multiple backups to ensure the safety and security of data for use in a trial.

We Provide Expert Testimony

Our eForensics experts are well-trained to provide expert testimony in any type of case. When you’re involved in legal proceedings, eForensic evidence can determine the outcome of a case. You want to know that you have the most highly qualified eForensics experts on the job, so that you know the case is being judged on its own merits, and the authenticity of data will not be called into question.

Experience the 24 Hour Data Difference

eForensics is critical to preserving any business or individual’s right to a fair trial. eForensics experts must have the necessary technical expertise to collect, image and preserve data from today’s cutting-edge storage media, the legal knowledge to relay that data in the correct manner, and the ability to provide expert testimony in a trial.

At 24 Hour Data, we understand just how serious the eForensics and eDiscovery processes are to our nation’s justice system, and we rely on only the best eForensics specialists in the field to get the job done efficiently and effectively, within the guidelines expected by the United States courts.



Our customers store all types of data on these advanced drives, and we have successfully performed data retrieval for individuals, small businesses and Fortune 500 companies. We can usually perform a successful recovery operation within 24 to 48 hours. If, for any reason, we cannot retrieve the data from your device, there's no charge for our service.


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