Are You Facing a True Data Recovery Emergency?


Every day, 24 Hour Data helps customers facing a data recovery emergency. In fact, our recovery success rate for extracting mission critical files in less than 48 hours is the best in the business.

But it’s important to understand that a percentage of businesses invest in this service because long-term data loss would cost exponentially more than the costs of the data recovery.

The other percentage, the vast majority of 24 Hour Data’s customers, make up small businesses and individuals who have lost data and would like it back, but time isn’t of the essence. While we pride ourselves on “emergency data recovery service,” we also have superior success rates for data recovery in non-emergency situations.

Which leaves many of our customers wondering: “What’s the difference? Am I facing a data recovery emergency?”

Defining a Data Recovery Emergency
The term data recovery emergency has nothing to do with the type of hard disk failure you’re experiencing (physical or logical), or what happened when your hard drive or other storage media failed. To determine whether you are facing a real data recovery emergency, ask yourself these three questions:

“What is the most important data I’ve lost?”
“What is the value of that data?”
“How much money will I lose if that data is not recovered as quickly as possible?”

Additional Charges Related to Emergency Data Recovery Service
24 Hour Data offers a number of additional services for true emergency data recovery circumstances. We can provide expedited, same-day shipping of your drive, and even delivery by courier service if you are in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex. We can expedite your price quote and provide data recovery within 24 to 48 hours, essentially giving your data recovery case priority service from start to finish. 

Many companies who have lost mission critical data from their RAID arrays or servers take advantage of these added services. But many customers don’t need, or want to pay, for expedited service of any kind.

Traditional Data Recovery with Surprisingly Fast, Regular Service
As many customers consider the real value of their data, they put a price on it – whether that price is real or sentimental. But they realize that whether they get their data back tomorrow, or later this week, it won’t make a difference. The value of the data won’t diminish or grow. 

When they choose standard data recovery service, they find our rates extremely affordable, especially compared to the value of their data. They are also pleasantly surprised when they realize we can recover their data much faster than many other data recovery services.

Need Emergency, Or Not-So-Emergency, Data Recovery?
Whether you are a Fortune 500 with millions of dollars’ worth of data at stake, a small business owner whose livelihood depends on immediate recovery of lost data, or an individual who would like those digital family photos that were damaged in a fire back some day, 24 Hour Data offers fair pricing and fast service. 

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24hr-testimonials-quoteWOW... fantastic customer experience! Submitted a totally dead 1TB drive for recovery yesterday now its fully recovered before noon the next day! Exceptional customer service, and impeccable reputation. Thank you 24 Hour Data, ever so much for getting my valuable data recovered and back to me. Very reasonable rates. My hat goes off to the BEST data recovery service in Dallas or in the country for that matter! You will not be disappointed using their services....

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