Clickable USB Drives Help Prevent Lost Data


Have you ever lost the cap to a USB or thumb drive and then needed data recovery when sensitive components got bent or damaged?

USB drive manufacturers EMTEC and Dane-elec may have the solution to data loss caused by a damaged USB drive with clickable and cap-less USB flash drives.

EMTEC C600 and C650 Flash Drives

EMTEC C600 and C650 flash drives “click” open like a ballpoint pen, so there’s no cap to lose. The C650 offers USB 3.0 performance for applications where fast data transfer is a must. It’s available in storage capacities from 8 to 64GB. The C600 is a USB 2.0 version of the same concept, with storage capacities up to 16GB.

EMTEC will be showcasing the new technology at the International CES in January 2012.

Dane-Elec Cap-Less USB to Prevent Lost Data

Dane-elec’s cap-less USB drive incorporates the body, delicate solid state storage, and the cap all in one piece. Simply pull the plastic piece back toward you to reveal the USB hub, and push forward to close it and protect your data.

It comes in sizes from 2 to 32GB and makes a great gift, according to the tech writers at…

Handle USB Drives with Care to Avoid the Need for Data Recovery Services

Any flash drive should still be handled with care, and never removed from a computer during use, since this could result in file corruption and loss of data. 

These new capless drives may protect your data if the flash drive is accidentally put in the washing machine. You also don’t have to worry about losing the cap and then potentially losing the data by crushing or bending the delicate USB hub.

If something does happen to the data stored on your USB drive, give us a call for a free diagnostic. 

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