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When a Hard Drive makes a clicking sound that is a sure sign that you have mechanical issues with your drive. Clicking is a symptom that should be an alert to immediately power down your hard drive. Continued use of a clicking Hard Drive could result in your data being unrecoverable.

There are several reasons a Hard Drive can start clicking. The most common cause of Hard Drives clicking is failed heads. Failed heads are the main reason to power down your drive when you hear clicking. The reason being is that a failed head can easily cause surface damage to the platters that store your data. This is called media damage. Media damage if severe, will render your data to be unrecoverable.

Hard Drive clicking can also be caused by other issues. These issues include: Failed PCB, Service Area Damage, Firmware corruption, alignment issues, and a few other specific problems.

No matter what the issue that is causing your Hard Drive to click, know that only Professional Data Recovery Companies like 24 Hour Data can recover data from a clicking drive. Computer Repair Stores and IT Professionals cannot recover data from a clicking Hard Drive. Professional Data Recovery companies will offer you a Free Quote for Data Recovery and a No Data, No Charge policy. Stay away from companies that charge to bring your drive in or charge even if they cannot recover your data.

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