Cloud Based Data Back Up: The Smart Choice for Business Owners?


With so many choices available for data backups today, there’s no excuse not to backup mission critical files. Or is there? Maybe you’re just overwhelmed with the backup choices and don’t knowto start.

First, remember – any backup is better than no backup. Two backups are better than one. And three, with one stored in a remote location, is optimal for a business with mission critical data.

Today’s storage options include tape-based backup systems, NAS devices, SAN devices, and RDX cartridges, which combine the benefits of RAID storage and hard disk storage with the mobility of tape-based storage. And, of course, more and more businesses are turning to cloud-based data storage. Is this really the best choice?

Benefits of Cloud-based Storage
Thousands of tech bloggers have explored the benefits of cloud-based storage for data backups.

– Inexpensive (or even free)

– Remote access so even if you can’t reach your office, (or your office has been destroyed or flooded) you can retrieve mission critical files and resume business to a degree

– Secure, with SSL-encyrption protecting your files

Disadvantages of Cloud-based Data Backups
As prevalent as it has become, cloud-based data storage does have a few drawbacks.

– If your internet goes down, which it may during a natural disaster, you won’t be able to access your back-up files. However, with so many different means to connect to the Internet today, this is less of a concern.

– Bandwidth – Similarly, uploading terrabytes of data to a cloud storage provider can be slow and costly and can max out data transfer resources.

– Putting your trust in an outside service provider – Entrusting an outside firm with your mission critical files, and counting on the fact that you’ll be able to access those files when you need them, requires a large leap of faith for business owners. That’s why it’s important to choose your cloud data storage provider carefully.

Opting for cloud storage as one of your backup methods is a cost-effective, safe, smart choice. And it’s even smarter to count on 24 Hour Data when your back-up methods fail, as they sometimes will. 

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