Consumer Electronics Optimized Hard Drives Make Storing Music and Movies Easier


A number of manufacturers, including Hitachi, Seagate and Western Digital, have introduced Consumer Electronics-optimized (CE-optimized) hard drives. These hard drives have a number of advantages over conventional consumer hard disk drives (HDD). 

– Many feature Advanced Format technology for increased storage capacity and greater data stability at higher capacities.

– CE HDDs offer near-silent operation

– CE HDDs are designed to be more energy efficient, especially when idle

– Energy efficient operation means drives also emit less heat, performing at cooler temperatures even in enclosed environments (such as a home theater media cabinet or equipment rack)

Optimal (as the name implies) for storing all your family’s media files, including movies, music and photos, the growth in popularity of these drives means families have more to think about when it comes to media file storage and back-up.

 Your new CE-optimized hard drive may contain thousands of dollars worth of movies and music, not to mention family photos that you may deem priceless. While data stability is better than conventional HDDs, anything can happen to these hard drives, especially when they are used every day.

 To preserve your important (maybe irreplaceable!) media files, make sure you back up your CE-optimized hard drive whenever you make a change to the system (like adding new movies or photos), paying close attention for strange noises when it boots up (if this, occurs, call 24 Hour Data right away), and keeping the number for 24 Hour Data in your family media room or home theater so you can call us in the event of a hard drive data recovery emergency

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