Data Locker Opens the Year With New Portable Hard Drive


Data Locker has introduced a new, military grade portable hard drive, the Data Locker 3. This encrypted hard drive uses AES CBC or XTS mode full drive encryption, evaluated by the National Institute of Technology Cryptographic Algorithm Validation Program.

What’s that mean to you, exactly? Data Locker says its the most secure portable hard drive in the industry. Encryption and data management occurs at the device level, making it platform- and operation system-independent. No software or drivers required.

The portable hard drive has a 1 TB storage capacity, firmware-based anti-malware protection, a randomized keypad to prevent fingerprint-lifting security breeches and two factor authentication with optional RFID mode. The tamper-evident enclosure is shock and drop resistant, perfect for any environment.

Self-Encrypting Hard Drives Require Specialized Data Recovery Service

Self-encrypting technology, along with hard drive durability, keeps getting better and better as technology advances. That means it becomes more and more challenging to recover lost data from a self-encrypting, secure hard drive if a failure does occur. (Note that even the best hard drives are “shock and drop resistant,” not completely shockproof.) And failures can still occur, from user error, dropping your hard drive, natural disasters or even system failure caused by age or other factors.

With the rapidly advancing technology, you need hard drive data recovery experts you can trust. At 24 Hour Data, we work hard to stay on top of the latest technology as it is released, and we are constantly developing new, cutting edge methods for hard drive data recovery.

Lost Your Data? Don’t Panic

Not only can you trust us to recover your sensitive data, but you can trust us to keep it as fully secure as if it were still in your military grade encrypted hard drive. That’s why Fortune 500 companies, government agencies, and more turn to us for data recovery services. 

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