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As the amount of mission critical data required by small businesses grows, data loss becomes inevitable. Let’s take a look at some significant 2013 statistics on data loss, researched by a number of reputable organizations and reported by data backup service provider Essentialink.…

Data Loss Statistics
A Gartner survey said that 25% of PCs will fail this year. In many cases, when a hard drive fails, backups are not in place and data will be lost.

A Forrester survey revealed that 24% of companies polled said they experienced a full data disaster, meaning the loss of mission critical business data.

Finally, 95% of companies experienced a data outage in 2013, according to the Ponemon Institute.

If we are to take away anything from these numbers, it’s that failure of your IT systems is nearly inevitable – it’s not a question of “if,” it’s a question of “when.” 

Reducing Data Loss with a Business Continuity Plan
However, you can reduce the consequences of data loss, including the loss of revenue, with a business continuity plan that includes the proper resources for data recovery.

Employees should be instructed to contact IT staff immediately if their local hard drive fails to boot or begins whirring or grinding. Under no circumstances should an employee attempt do it yourself back-up or try to read data from a hard drive that is not operating properly.

If an employee receives an error message upon trying to access the server or virtual server, they should contact IT staff immediately. In most cases when a hard disk drive fails, professional data recovery is required. You may be dealing with physical failure of the hard drive, and repeated attempts to restore data or reboot the drive can result in complete data loss.

Similarly, IT staff should be attuned to notice any signs of impending RAID failure in the servers or virtual servers and know the steps to take if this occurs.

Restoring a Virtual Server
If the IT staff has taken regular snapshots of the virtual server, it’s an easy process for IT staff to restore the virtual server to the time of the last snapshot. However, there is often a few hours between the time of data loss and the last server snapshot. This is where a professional data recovery firm comes in.

If, for some reason, you can’t access the snapshot, you need professional data recovery.

Reduce Downtime by Calling 24 Hour Data
The sooner you call a professional data recovery service, the sooner we can restore your lost data, rebuild your virtual server, and get your business running again.

We know how a virtual server crash can cripple a business. That’s why 24 Hour Data offers 24-hour service and the fastest data recovery in the industry. 

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