Forms of SSD Memory


SSD Memory is a complicated topic. Many consumers own netbooks, flash drives, digital cameras and other technology and may not even know they’re using SSD memory to store their data. Let’s take a quick look at some of the many forms of SSD memory, from the basic to the most complex, found in the solid state hard drives of RAID servers.

SSD hard drives

Frequently used in servers, RAID servers, netbooks and notebook computers, as well as some desktop computers where the users desire enhanced durability and access times, SSD hard drives are designed to fit in slots for conventional hard drives, even though the internal components are actually much smaller. Unlike regular hard drives (HHDs), SSD hard drives have no moving mechanical parts to wear down or break.

Flash or USB Drives

These type of storage devices use SSD memory to hold data separate from a computer system. They plug into the USB port of a computer and are detected as an external drive. The first USB drives were expensive and held just 2 MB of data. Today’s USB drives have dropped substantially in cost and hold gigabytes of information.

SSD Memory Cards

SSD Memory cards are used most frequently in digital cameras, cell phones and other portable devices that need to hold data. These small cards provide convenient storage for handheld devices, but may be subject to loss or damage due to their small size and lack of a strong protective shell like most USB drives and SSD hard drives have.

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