Four Options for Hard Drive Data Retrieval


When it comes to hard drive data retrieval, you have choices. Some choices for hard drive recovery are better than others. Let’s look at four different options you can choose when faced with a data recovery emergency.

1. Try to retrieve the data yourself using utilities such as “CHKDSK.” In many cases, this will damage your hard drive beyond repair, making hard drive data retrieval more costly or perhaps even impossible for experts. If you continue to try to boot up your computer or read the data, you may hear a clicking noise. The coating that actually stores your data is being scratched off, making it impossible to retrieve the data.

2. Purchase a DIY data recovery software kit. These kits promise quick and easy hard drive data retrieval. But often, they are not successful. If you cannot retrieve your data using DIY hard drive recovery processes, you are out the cost of the software. Rarely do these programs come with a guarantee.

3. Hire an individual IT consultant or a friend who is “good with computers” to perform your hard drive recovery. Sometimes, IT consultants and other computer professionals offer data recovery services. If this person works out of their home, however, there’s a good chance they are not performing your hard drive data retrieval in a clean room environment — this can put your data at risk. Additionally, very few solo-preneurs or freelance computer experts offer a no data, no charge guarantee, a promise of confidentiality, or a guarantee that your data will remain secure.

4. Hire a professional hard drive recovery service. A company like 24HourData has the experience, knowledge, full-time staff, and a clean room environment to perform your hard drive data retrieval. We offer a no data, no charge guarantee, so there’s no risk when you work with us.

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