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Conventional hard disk drives don’t always meet the needs for the storage of today’s big data, from mission criticalfor organizations, small businesses and Fortune 500 companies to families storing music, movies and photos. But Solid State Drives still tend to be a costly solution when a business or individual requires multiple terrabytes of storage capacity. For more and more storage media manufacturers, hybrid drives are becoming the obvious answer for this growing market segment. 

Two top names in hard disk and solid state drive development recently announced the release of hybrid Solid State/Hard Disk Drive storage devices. 

Toshiba Hybrid Drives for Slim Notebooks

Toshiba Corporation released the 7mm high, slim hybrid drive family, starting with the MQ01ABFH, available in 320 GB and 500 GB capacities. This 2.5-inch hybrid drive is ideal for ultra-thin notebook computers. 

The drive is equipped with Toshiba’s NAND flash memory, using a tiered storage approach that combines the speed of the DRAM and NAND components with high-capacity rotating media for SSD-like performance without external drivers. Caching algorithms manage data stored in the NAND flash memory for faster responsiveness. The drive was introduced on the heels of the 1TB and 750GB 9.5mm models. 

Super Talent Releases NAS-Compatible External Drives

Storage media manufacturer Super Talent has launched two new hybrid storage solutions driven through a PCIe interface, for use in desktop computers as well as NAS solutions and servers. The PP4192C12H is a 2.5-inch, 1TB hard drive, while its big brother, the PP4192C23H is a 2TB, 3.5-inch drive. Both units employ a 192 GB caching SSD, balancing the greater performance of SSD devices with the greater capacity and lower cost of conventional hard disk drives. 

24 Hour Data: Experts in Hybrid Drive Recovery
As hybrid drives, using components of Solid State and conventional hard disk drives, grow in popularity, 24 Hour Data’s data recovery engineers work round-the-clock to device the fastest, most efficient, and most reliable data recovery methods for hybrid drives, RAID storage and NAS storage devices. 

Whether you suffer catastrophic failure and data loss from storms, power surges, forces of Nature, accidental deletion or even unexplained hard disk failure, 24 Hour Data is on call to help. Storage media is changing, but 24 Hour Data’s commitment to fast, affordable, complete data recovery service remains the same. 

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