New Hardware Boosts Hard Disk Drive Storage Capacity


Hard disk drives just keep getting bigger and bigger. Meanwhile, the price per gigabyte of storage keeps dropping. This means everyone from home users to enterprise-level server administrators can pack more data onto their hard disk drives and RAID drives than ever before, making the need for data back-up and reliable data recovery methods even more important.

New Preamp Increases Hard Disk Capacity

New technology from LSI promises to pack even more data onto conventional and hybrid hard disk drives from any manufacturer. Designated as a “preamplifier” for hard disk drives, LSI’s TrueStore PA5200 increases the areal density of hard disk drives. The integrated circuit can can be integrated onto nearly any brand of hard disk drive by the manufacturer, including Samsung, Seagate, Maxtor and more. 

The preamplifier improves the signal-to-noise ratio, allowing the hard disk drive manufacturer to achieve greater manufacturing yields, for a cost of as little as less than a dollar. The preamp even works on hybrid hard disk drives, but not SSD. LSI could not reveal specifics of how much hard disk storage space can be gained with the preamp, because it varies based on the system parameters of each hard disk drive. 

But as manufacturers incorporate the new technology, the industry may see the price of hard drives drop even further. 

More Data on One Drive Equal More Risk

As hard disk drives store more and more data, the temptation to save money by using one large hard drive to store all your mission critical files is great. Data back-ups are more important than ever. 

And when things go wrong, there’s no better back-up than a reliable, 24-hour data recovery service. We always says, “It’s not a matter of if you’ll lose your data, it’s a matter of when.” And good old Murphy’s Law indicates that when you lose your mission critical data, there’s a chance your back-ups may fail, too. Even if your back-ups work as planned, there could be gigabytes of data lost between the time of your data recovery emergency and your last back-up. That’s why 24 Hour Data is here. 

We stay on the cutting edge of hard disk drive technology, developing new data recovery methods as technology changes, to better serve our customers. Our data recovery specialists are experts in hard disk data recovery for Seagate, Maxtor, Samsung, Fujitsu, Toshiba, Western Digital and more.

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