Should My Computer Fan Be Making These Noises?


Is your computer making a loud ticking or whirring sound? It could be the computer fan. A noisy computer fan typically means the fan is either overworked or dirty. Either situation could lead the fan to burn out, and if it is not replaced immediately, your computer will begin to run too hot. This, of course, can lead to catastrophic system failure of your hard drive and the need for emergency data recovery

Fortunately, there are several easy fixes for noisy computer fans.

Clean the Fans

Unless you’ve added aftermarket fans to your computer, your computer has two main fans: the power supply fan and the CPU fan. Turn off your computer by powering it down the right way, and clean both of these fans by using a can of compressed air to blow the dust and dirt particles off. Also clean any other fans you may have added to your system. 

Turn your computer back on and see if there is still noise.

Replace the Fans

After cleaning your computer fans you notice there’s still noise, replace the fans. Try to isolate which fan is noisy, but if you can’t, begin by replacing the CPU fan. If that’s not the cause, replace the entire power supply. (Never open the power supply to replace just the fan.) 

Keep Your Computer Cooler

If the new fans are still making noises, it could be that your computer is simply running too hot. Fans working overtime are louder than fans operating as they should. Move your computer to a location where it has better air flow around it and/or a room with a lower temperature. (Your computer should always be used in an air conditioned environment during the summer!) If you can’t do this, you’ll want to invest in a better cooling system for your PC to preserve its life. Check out this post for three ways to keep your PC cool this summer.

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